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If your lawn is spongy or if the grass dries out a lot of faster then this might be a sign that your lawn has excessive thatch. To be positive of this you'll take away a section of the lawn employing a shovel. If the thatch covering the blades of grass exceeds one and a 0.5 inches, we suggest that you think about aeration. The primary step to aerating your lawn is establishing the type of grass that grows on it. As we have a tendency to’ve mentioned on top of, the grass sort determines the ideal time for you to aerate. Once you’ve established if your grass is warm-season or cool-season, you'll be able to then arrange your aeration efforts accordingly.

Compacted lawn soil hinders correct growth of grass, thus resulting in an unhealthy, unattractive lawn. Fortunately, you'll tackle this drawback through aeration, and you don’t even need to use a machine to get the task done. There are still plenty of manual lawn aeration ways that are equally effective. Was created together with a replacement home. New homes usually have extreme compaction on the lawn area because of the building method (large machinery, tons of people, etc.). You should consider aerating your diy lawn core aerator if you’ve purchased a brand new home.

Our best overall pick for heavily compacted lawns is the Agri-Fab 48-in. Plug Lawn Aerator (view at Amazon), that has 3 different rotating knife sections to cover maximum ground (even while turning). If you are trying for lighter dethatching, the Agri-Fab Spike Lawn Aerator (view at Home Depot) could be a smart alternative. Typically speaking, people prefer plug aerators to spike aerators, though it depends to some extent on the lawn soil type. Clay soils will become compacted in alternative ways that by the utilization of spike aerators, thus a plug aerator is the higher option, except for lighter soils a spike aerator can be a viable option.

Spike: Manual spike aerators possess long spikes which are pushed and inserted into the soil, you use them like a fork, in fact they need a heap more spikes than a fork. Spike aeration is a bit completely different than plug or core aeration. Products like the Agri-Fab Spike Lawn Aerator merely produce holes in the bottom using their tines, and that they don’t pull out plugs of soil. On one hand, this protects you the effort of cleaning up plugs from your yard, but it additionally isn’t as effective on heavily compacted lawns. 

These features build it one of the most durable aerators you may get around. Furthermore, it is simple to assemble and will be put along by merely longing the user manual. Another distinctive feature of this product is its simple use.

Its best qualities are its price and its simple use. If you have a terribly little space to aerate only often, getting a larger machine is merely overkill. The Yard Butler will do the task simply fine.


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